Exploring Nuclear, Plasma, & Radiological Engineering (All-Gender)

This camp runs June 23rd – 29th, 2019

The NPRE summer camp is for students whom are rising juniors and seniors (those graduating in 2020 or 2021). This track provides campers with the opportunity to explore nuclear, plasma and radiological engineering disciplines through many hands-on projects and demonstrations. Through individual and team activities, participants will investigate the disciplines of nuclear energy; plasma and fusion technologies; and radiological science, and apply them to:

• nuclear reactor power production
• the promise of fusion energy
• use of plasma-material interactions in semiconductor processing
• plasma medicine and biomaterials
• using plasmas for nanotechnology
• development of radiation detectors for medical and security applications
• and other engineering design challenges.

These topics will help the students answer questions such as:

• How does a nuclear reactor work?
• What keeps a reactor going for two years without refueling?
• What percentage of the nation’s electricity comes from nuclear power?
• How much less Carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere due to the use of nuclear power?
• What are the issues regarding nuclear reactor safety?
• What is radiation and how is it controlled?
• What is spent fuel and how is it managed?
• What is plasma and what are its uses?
• How can create materials for medicine with plasmas?
• How does a radiation detector work?
• What are some of the beneficial uses of radiation?
• How are radiological devices used in medicine?
• How are radiation detectors designed and built?

These questions are answered through lectures, hands-on activities, and team projects. Campers will see nuclear, plasma and radiological engineering in practice through laboratory demonstrations and field trips such as:

• Using Geiger counters and other devices to measure radiation
• Seeing a mousetrap reactorsimulate a nuclear reaction
Experiencingradiation through a cloud chamber demonstration
• Touring a virtualnuclear reactor
• Using virtual simulations to learn about radiation dosages.
• Participating in half-life and shielding lab simulations
• Observing confined plasma created by DC current or radio frequency
• Interacting with a plasma ball
• Taking part in can crusher demonstrations to understand magnetic pressure in plasmas
• Touring HIDRA, NPRE’s unique plasma/fusion facility (Shown to the right).
• Touring a plasma nanotechnology facility (MNTL)
• Touring the labs that make the machines that make semi-conductor chips
• Touring the radiological Instrumentation Laboratory
• Touring the soft robotics (like humans) lab

The camp coordinator for NPRE is Becky Meline (bmeline@illinois.edu)


Registration opens January 15th, 2019