Materials Science & Engineering Middle School (All-Female)

This camp runs July 15th – 19th, 2019

Note that this middle-school camp for girls is a week-long camp with no overnight stay. Participants shall be dropped-off and picked-up daily.

“I think the best things about Mid-GLAM are the cool projects, learning about cool science things that relate to this science, the food, and being able to spend time with my friends.” (Camper feedback, 2018)

How do we think about the future? What will our future world be made of?








In this week-long summer camp you will have the opportunity to think like a “material’s scientist”. To do materials science is to study “stuff”. Your life is surrounded by “stuff”. From the clothes you wear to the batteries that power your phone, all of that “stuff” is made of materials like plastic or metals. A material’s scientist investigates how materials are put together, how they can be used, how they can be changed and improved.








You will have hands-on exposure to the materials that run our society, how to make them, understand their function, and how we can predict the ways they will evolve in the future. More specifically, we will investigate how materials are made stronger, how we can make them cleaner, smarter, how we can make them colorful, or very light weight.
No special science background is required to participate in the activities we are planning. The only thing you need is a curious mind and be ready to have fun!

The camp is coordinated by Professor Leal and Professor Maass, who are both in the department of materials science and engineering.

Cecilia Leal grew up in Portugal in a rural town but her appreciation for learning and science brought her to Sweden, Norway, and finally to the US to pursue an academic career. Cecilia has been a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UIUC since 2012. She is interested in materials for medicine as well as materials inspired by nature. Cecilia is passionate about fostering a diverse and inclusive scientific community. She likes to spend time with her two kids and husband, hangout with friends, and to ride her bike to work. More about Cecilia’s professional biography can be found here.

Robert Maass grew up in Sweden, but his academic interests has brought him to various location in Europe and also the US prior to accepting the position at UIUC in 2015. His research interests are in the area of metallic materials. He enjoys spending time with his two kids, both of which were born in Urbana-Champaign, and if he has the opportunity, he likes to go for a run or for a row. You can find his professional biography here.


Registration opens January 15th, 2019