Check out what high school students and Academic Challenge Alumni have to say about how Academic Challenge has impacted their life here!

Wilkerson FreeburgWYSE is a fun way to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom in a real world scenario. It has helped me dive right into science, to explore more about what it’s about and how it can be applied.”
Drew Wilkerson, Freeburg High School







Bontjes Westville


“WYSE helped introduce me to computer science and get me comfortable with some concepts I hadn’t seen yet. Now I’m planning to major in computer science in college.”
John Bontjes, Westville High School






Gordon Byron

“Participating in WYSE is really cool because you are around a lot of really smart people who want to learn and be very knowledgeable. Trying to come back and be state champions again is a little more pressure, but it’s also encouraging and pushes us forward to want to do great things.”
Mike Gordon, Byron High School, 2015 700 Division Team Champion





Torrance Macomb


“We have a lot of involvement in WYSE in our school, so it’s very competitive to get on the varsity team. To do so well in Sectionals and State always means a lot to us.
I’m been to state in WYSE for four years, taking the English test all four years. I have found that it is really helpful in my English classes as well as on the ACT for English, which has prepared me for getting into college.”
Gabrielle Torrance, Macomb High School





Kamatar U High


“To be on WYSE means to challenge yourself and test yourself against the other academically inclined students and really find people who have the same interests and likes as you do.”
Advika Kamatar, Normal University High School






Sagear Marian Central


“WYSE has really boosted my confidence and made me believe that I can succeed in anything I study for and want to make my own,”
Sheila Sagear, Marian Central Catholic High School






Rich Creager


“It was really nice to be entered into this competition. We had never heard of it before. It was a shock to get this far. Our perspective is to really have fun with it.”
Kara Rich and Caroline Creager, Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School, on making it to State in the school’s first year competing in WYSE.





Jiedong Duan Niles North

“Before entering high school, I had no idea what WYSE was. A couple of my friends told me about it. I took a test and found out I was pretty good at it. Over the years, I think I’ve learned a lot through WYSE. For most of the questions, you need a larger breadth of knowledge than what you learn in the classroom and that has been a nice challenge.”
Jiedong Duan, Niles North High School