WYSE Employment Opportunities

Are you an Illinois student who loves science, engineering, and mathematics? Are you interested in mentoring the next generation of students, inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM? If so, consider becoming a member of the WYSE staff.

Camp Counselors (undergraduate hourly) – OPEN

This summer position begins as early as May. Counselors are responsible for the enjoyment and safety of the campers while building a community in online and in-person environments. The primary focus will be on the facilitation of evening social activities and daily reflections. Counselors focus on community building, peer mentoring, and helping campers make new friends and learn new things. Counselors also assist with camp operations as needed. This might include lab kit building, activity planning, or supporting daytime lab activities. Have fun while developing your leadership and collaboration skills! Residential counselors work 25-35 hours a week. Virtual camp weeks range between 10-20 hours/week. Counselors are required to attend the orientation and training sessions prior to the camp season. Positions available for single week camps, 3 day camps, and six week camps.

Full or part-time summer employment options are still open, including some virtual-only options.

Summer 2022 Camp Counselor full job description (pdf)

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Lab Assistants (graduate or undergraduate hourly) – OPEN

Lab assistant working with young student on a solar light lab

This summer position begins in March. Work closely with camp track coordinators to develop and run lessons for the camps. This role often includes work in preparation for the camp such as activity development in collaboration with the camp’s coordinator and preparing activity lab kits. Lab assistants will work closely with other counselors to create a positive environment for all campers. This role focuses on the STEM content of the camp and may involve prerequisite requirements as defined by the camp coordinator. The Lab Assistants will be responsible for making sure campers can find their camp resources online and encourage them to document daily activities through photos and social media. Lab Assistants are typically hired for a specific camp that is aligned with their major. Time commitment varies by camp. All Lab Assistants will be required to attend the staff orientation and training sessions that take place prior to the camp season.

If you have a particular passion for gender equity, then consider applying for the EAGER camps. If you have an interest in the issues of access and equity for traditionally underrepresented minorities, then consider applying for the IDEA camps. Visit the Summer Camps page to learn more about all of the different summer camps offered.

Summer 2022 Lab Assistant full job description (pdf)

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STEM Education Research Assistant (graduate research) – CLOSED

Seeking graduate students with research interests in STEM outreach and STEM education, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The STEM Ed Research Assistant will be responsible for supporting the research and formative assessment of WYSE programs that support middle and high school campers, as well as community youth and families in their knowledge of and interest in the pursuit of STEM majors and careers. Collaborate with community leaders, faculty, and staff to plan precollege engineering activities and college preparation activities. Work with a team to plan program strategies, to measure effectiveness and impact, to analyze results, and share the findings. Research time will be divided across four primary projects:

Research Assistant job description

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TrailBlazer Engagement Ambassador (undergraduate hourly)-OPEN

Beginning June 13 or as soon as the position is filled, join the WYSE summer camp team with a specialized focus on the experience of our TrailBlazer participants. These are middle and high school students who received a scholarship for showing evidence that they are paving new pathways into STEM. Perhaps they identify with underrepresented groups in STEM, perhaps they are the first in their family with a chance at college, or perhaps they have or are overcoming challenges to be where they are. As an Engagement Ambassador, you will work with a planning team to develop special programming, to facilitate meet-ups and seminars, to be a near-peer mentor, and to assess the impact of this programming and summer camp experiences in general. Through funding from the Institute for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (Grant #GIANT2021-08), this position lasts through the summer and the academic year. You can expect between 10-20 hours per week during the summer and about 5 hours per week in the Fall and Spring semesters.

TrailBlazer Engagement Ambassador job description


CLOSED – Lead Counselor/Public Engagement Intern (graduate or undergraduate hourly) – CLOSED

Two lead counselor students standing next to each other and smiling

Assist with coordination of logistics and activities for summer camps and outreach activities, lead training sessions, and identify/troubleshoot issues that arise. Lead Counselors usually have at least one year of WYSE engineering summer camp experience. Summer Camp preparations begin in the spring semester and continue throughout the summer. Camp activities continue beyond the camp season to include processing feedback and planning for the next summer. Lead Counselors are also considered for year-round employment as a Public Engagement Intern. This position helps with the coordination and implementation of public engagement and outreach activities with community groups and schools, as well as recruitment and support for the WYSE LEADer and volunteer network. During COVID restrictions, part of being an engagement ambassador includes adapting STEM curricula to a virtual platform, holding Zoom outreach sessions, and improving online engagement. This is a full-time job in the summer and approximately 10-15 hrs/wk during the school year and begins March 4, 2022.

Summer 2022 Lead Counselor / Engagement Ambassador full job description (pdf)