Renaissance Engineering: Art, Design, and Mechatronics Summer Camp

For rising 7th to 9th graders
June 27th- July 1st, 2021

Summer 2021 Applications are closed.

2021 Renaissance Engineering: Art, Design, and Mechatronics Summer Camp schedule (Draft)

Students studying Industrial Design and Systems Engineering in Design are sometimes called “Renaissance engineers” because of how they use a creative combination of science, technology, art, and leadership. Campers will engage in engineering design activities that highlight their creativity and self-expression by creating interactive, mechatronic-powered characters. Work with University students to combine paper mechatronic components (e.g., gears, shafts), electronic components (e.g., servomotors, sensors), and microcontrollers into a design of your own to be showcased at the end of camp. Get ready to tinker, play, experiment, and create as you experience the authentic creativity of practicing engineers!

Virtual camp activities will occur through these 3 processes:

  • LIVE sessions using video conferencing or webinar tools (e.g. Zoom).
  • AYC sessions or “at your convenience” will include videos, articles, and labs that will be accessed through a password-protected website.
  • Community Chat (e.g. GroupMe, Discord, Slack) will be accessible for any-time communication between campers, counselors, and course instructors.

Camp Coordinator(s):

Molly Goldstein, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering. Molly has a PhD from Purdue University and is a design educator, researcher, and teaching assistant professor at the University of Illinois. Molly’s research focuses on student designer trade-off decisions through the study of their design actions and thinking. Prior to pursuing her Ph.D., she worked as an environmental engineer specializing in air quality, influencing her focus in engineering design with environmental concerns.

ISE’s Molly Goldstein: Passionate About Teaching Engineering Students Design