Exploring Nuclear, Plasma, & Radiological Engineering Camp

The 2020 Camp Application is Currently Closed.
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For rising 11th-12th graders
July 12th – 18th, 2020

Campers will explore nuclear, plasma and radiological engineering disciplines through many hands-on projects and demonstrations. Through individual and team activities, participants will investigate the disciplines of nuclear energy, plasma and fusion technologies, and radiological science. They will consider questions like:


• How does a nuclear reactor work, and how does it impact the nation’s energy production?
• What are the issues regarding nuclear reactor safety?
• What is radiation and how is it controlled?
• What is plasma and what are its uses?
• How do plasmas contribute to the field of medicine?
• How does a radiation detector work?
• What are some of the beneficial uses of radiation?


These questions are answered through lectures, hands-on activities, and team projects. Campers will see nuclear, plasma. and radiological engineering in practice through laboratory demonstrations and field trips such as:

• Measuring radiation using Geiger counters and other devices
• Seeing a mousetrap reactor simulate a nuclear reaction
• Experiencing radiation through a cloud chamber demonstration
• Touring a virtual nuclear reactor
Using virtual and lab simulations to learn about radiation dosages. half-life, and shielding
• Observing confined plasma and interacting with a plasma ball
• Crushing cans to understand magnetic pressure in plasmas
• Touring HIDRA, NPRE’s unique plasma/fusion facility (Shown immediately to the right).
• Touring a plasma nanotechnology facility and labs that make the machines that make semi-conductor chips
• Touring the radiological Instrumentation Laboratory
• Touring the soft robotics lab

Camp coordinator: Becky Meline, Coordinator of Academic Programs, NPRE

From previous years:

“I enjoyed visiting the nuclear fusion reactor visit because it was something that I have always wanted to see up close and I finally was able to and get explanations on how it worked and why it is used. I also enjoyed going to the control room simulation at the Clinton Power Station. It was absolutely fascinating to me.” ~2019 ExplNPRE camper