WYSE LEADers demonstrate their interest in Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Diversity through their WYSE activities. These undergraduates facilitate hands-on, minds-on STEM explorations for middle and high school students providing authentic opportunities to think, analyze, and create like scientists and engineers. We step-out and step-up, representing the best of what the University of Illinois has to offer–supporting pre-college students in not only picturing themselves as future scientists and engineers, but in giving them the tools and self-confidence to pursue these majors in college.

Committing to be a WYSE LEADer means:

  • a willingness to work with students in after-school, Saturday, and/or summer learning programs locally and across the State,
  • a willingness to learn how to be a better facilitator and activity designer, and
  • a willingness to become more knowledgeable of cultures different from your own, to critique your own biases, to notice inequities, and to take action to shift the needle toward greater justice, equity, and diversity in STEM.

Apply today to become a member of the WYSE LEADers community.

Help to facilitate physics and mathematics labs or introductory coding with upper elementary and middle school students in the Champaign-Urbana area and in Chicago (see current Partner organizations).

Apply here: https://go.illinois.edu/LEADer-application

WYSE LEADers are also encouraged to consider summer employment as a Summer Camp LEADer, providing STEM mentorship and instruction to campers who attend WYSE summer camps.  Learn more…



“The teachers and counselors were very helpful and taught me so much that I didn’t know before. My friends kept me happy and did a lot of fun activities with me, making the experience way more enjoyable than I expected it to be.” ~2018 Summer camper